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Do you have an excellent idea to start a business?

Are you pursuing a dream of buying a home with all the possible comforts?

Are you looking at insuring your family or your assets?

If your goal is to secure finance, your prospective lender's goal would be to understand your financial and non-financial aspects, so well that he or she becomes comfortable lending you money. Therefore, to best meet your need for capital, you should try addressing the needs of the lender first.

How are you going to get the funding to start up your new business, buy a home, or support your insurance needs? As individuals and businesses, we seek new ways of financing our dreams, projects, operations, and growth; so, for all of these, we turn to financial institutions or lenders for support.

Money Mascots is your financial consultancy services company which understands your requirements and supports your dreams. It is a company established by Mr. Vinod Kumar Suri and Mr. SV Ramana Sastri with a rooted vision of “Succeeding Together”.

At Money Mascots, financial consultancy goes beyond just getting you a loan. Finding the right kind of financial consultancy is the first important step you take. Besides helping you access your capital needs, Money Mascots understands and provides you the advice and know-how, which is the key to shaping your or your company’s success.

One of the first things any individual or a business owner should know about seeking capital is that lenders have a limited amount of time to review a loan request and make a decision. As it is impossible for a lender to know every industry, your first priority should be to help him or her understand the industry in which you or your business operates. This will improve your chances of securing the loan you or your company needs.